SIMRA’s II general objective is to foster active participation of migrant/asylum seeking/ refugee women in the ‘host’ society by developing, implementing and evaluating a pilot intervention scheme. This is expected to create the social space for social interaction to take place, on the premise that the more dynamic and inclusive the interaction, the more successful the integration. To accomplish this, the Project plans to design and implement a series of art, culture and social support activities deriving from the Project Method, coupled by involving in the pilot intervention target group members as facilitators/mediators. For this, a training program will be designed, realised and evaluated, along with outreach activities to refugee communities and the overall society.The intervention will be pilot implemented in min.5 facilities in 5 european cities including Athens and London,with direct impact on 1500 migrant women.To secure quality and homogeneity of implementation, also for capacity building purposes, the Project includes training activities for 24 professionals working in the Project and 60 migrant women to acquire facilitator/mediator skills. The pilot implementation will be evaluated throughout its 12-month duration. Through the evaluation it is expected that the intervention scheme will be further refined, thus resulting at a model comprehensive intervention in the form of Manual+Guidelines, available to agencies and organisations throughout Europe. To support this, dissemination/publicity activities are foreseen on local, national and EU level. The partnership brings together 9 organizations from 5 EU countries, complementing each other and of long-standing expertise on all project’s themes.