Double Helix



     Educational consultancy being provided to Fundacian Diagrama UK to
    develop an Alternative Provision Secondary School in LB of Ealing and
    to facilitate the Hanwell Alternative Educational Provision.
     Submit proposal to raise funds for South Kilburn Gangs project.
     Work with Brent Music Service to evaluate and develop their offered

     Continue negotiations with Institute of Leadership & Management to
    accredit modules in Mentoring, Group and Family Work, Supervision,
    Non=Oppressive Practice, Reflexive Practice and Building Social Capital
    in Communities, May 2016.
     Continue wiith negotiations with Mulberry Bush Organisation and
    Caspari Foundation in order to create a national training centre
    providing courses at levels 3.4 and 5 for residential , educational and
    therapeutic staff, April 2016.
     Explore the possibility of accrediting the above courses under the
    ECVET scheme.
     Delivered mentoring course to Brent River College, March – December
     Delivered Mentoring & Supervision course to EPY staff, June 2016.
     Delivered Mentor Training Course to ‘Get There’ delegates in Lisbon,
     Delivered Mentor Training Course to Traveller families in Ealing, 2015
    Offered Courses:
    Mentoring – Copy all Information documents
    Reflexive Practice
    Working with Individuals
    Working with Groups

    Working with families
    Non-Oppressive Practice
    Using the Double Helix & IBAT tools
    Evaluation and Impact Assessment for Community Development

    Institute of Leadership & Management
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    Supervision services offered for volunteers and practitioners working with vulnerable
    children and families. Supervision is a vital part of the application of training and
    development of best practice.

    Individual & Group Counselling & Psychotherapy
    For children, families and all those who would benefit from therapeutic support. We are
    able to offer access to a range of differently skilled, experienced and effective therapists.

    Research, Project Evaluation & Impact Assessment
    We have a high level of experience within our team to develop, deliver and / or support
    research, evaluation and impact assessment projects. One of our team has worked with a
    range of research consultancies (private and academic) to successfully deliver over 40
    publicly-funded research or evaluation projects over the past 20 years, working for the
    Welsh Government, the European Commission, local authorities, national skills agencies,
    community partnerships and EU-level partnerships. We have a particular interest in
    participative and democratic methods.
    We can use this experience in a variety of ways, including: to support the design of research
    or evaluation projects / methodologies; to deliver (or support) these projects; to analyse
    research or evaluation findings and produce project / programme / policy guidance; to
    delivery discussion workshops with partners and / or the local community; and to assess
    other, secondary, research.
    Project Initiatives/Applications
    Educational & Therapeutic Resource design

    RESOURCES – Available
    DHR Service Delivery Framework
    DHR Toolkit
    PPT Ghent
    PPT C2020
    ENSA Meeting London
    Get There PPT, London

    In Development:
    Double Helix
    I’m a client, get me out of here
    Gangs game
     Develop the Double Helix app as a tool for personal self-awareness and
    professional reflexive practice, working with University of Hertfordshire, trial
    and market.
     Develop the game ‘I’m a client, get me out of here’ as a computer game and
    market as a training aide for practitioners.
     Develop the ‘Gangs’ computer game as a virtual conflict resolution tool.
     Develop the Double Helix web-site as a ‘walled garden’ where individuals and
    practitioners can share and learn from each others helices.